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. >> i will be as brief as i can, my name is petra de jesus. she is great, she is creative,
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she is collaborative, she is smart, you can't ask for a better person to sit on the commission. she's involved in the community, the mission cultural center, the larasa lawyers association, she does have our back. she's big for affordable housing where we live, her and i, we have young adult children trying to live and work in san francisco, trying to make it here. we live in a community with many senior citizens. she is very conscious of that and she's aware of that. i also want it say the mayor has done a great job in terms of the candidates he's picked and the diversity they represent and they are all outstanding candidates. she would be great, you can't good wrong, we can agree to disagree on some things but she is very supportive on a lot of the issues that are near and dear to our hearts. i've seen her out in the community, her and her son,
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stomping, working, would be a good representative as well. >> thank you, commissioner, if you come up for reappointment you are more than welcome to bring your adult children, might be eligible. mr. salinas, before you speak, i want to call the next 10 speaker cards (calling names). mr. salinas, good to see you. >> i want to say the list of recommendations is truly impress ive, beginning with
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commission darsing. he was always there for not only labor but the communities of color. i think this list has made your job much, much easier. i'm here this afternoon asking for your support for marva marsalis who i have known for close to two decades. i had the privilege of working with marva marsalis on the project stablization agreement out at the airport, all $4 billion dollars, was something no one had heard of. having dealt with the greatest labor attorney in the land, victor van borg who i thought walked on water, i remember him saying to me, jim, none of us know what we're doing. but let me say we were fortunate enough to
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have mara marsalis on the other side of the table. i was there as executive officer of the san mateo (inaudible) you should have seen what it was to build with the san mateo building trades because they didn't understand what it was to provide community benefits. she understands it, she supports it, i think you are very fortunate to have her, the city will. i know she is the type of person that will provide us all of the time commitments that are needed on these commissions because that's the hardest thing for folks when they accept these commissions is the time. thank you, supervisors, have a great afternoon. >> hi, madam president, my name is rod sahad,
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commissioners, supervisors. my name is rad sahad, i am president of the asian commission. i am here to pay my respects to leroy king, i have known him and i've got in front of him so i first of all want to do that. secondly i want to say that not just the other community but asian indian community also supports commissioner king to be reappointed. we think he brings great wisdom and is fair and i'm delighted personally that he is on the board, on this new commission, the commission on community investment and infrastructure, if i got that right. i'm also here to support the nomination of mara rosales who i have known since 1985 when she was assistant city attorney. worked with her when we were trying to bring asian
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indians into the mlp program. enough has been said about her so i'm not going to say anything further. i am in support of all the members. >> thank you, mr. sahar, thank you for being here. >> madam supervisors, al norman, baby merchants, southeast commission. i am here in support of all of the candidates here this evening. i have a personal relationship with mr. sing, mr. ellington and miss christine johnson. the other two women i think i may have had a working relationship with them, but i very much appreciate what they had to say and what they look forward to doing, so i like to support everybody today and the bayview community supports theo ellington and all the other
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people being nominated. >> thank you for being here and thank you, former commissioner king, for being here. it's great to see you. >> supervisor, my name is leroy king, i served on redevelopment for 24 years, the longest serving commissioner in the city under 5 mayors. during that period of time, dara sing was on for about 15 years. he was a good person. he would always get out in the community, night and day, all the people in the community they knew they could always call on dar sing. i'm here to support dar sing. i support all the other commissioners for their appointment. >> 25 years, that is
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incredible service. we know how those meetings run so thank you for your work and also for your leadership in general for the city and county. >> i love this city. >> you must love the city. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is oscar james, i'm a native resident of bayview hunter's point 66 years, i've always served on joint housing when redevelopment first came into our community. first of all i want to say i support dar sing 100 percent, i'm glad the mayor and you are allowing him to serve on this commission. i had a problem with the oversight committee because they didn't have a commissioner from the previous redevelopment commission serving on there. i worked with and seen commissioner sing, i was a retiree from the san francisco
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redevelopment agency for 40 years. i've seen redevelopment in its best years, i support all of the people who are being appointed to this new commission. the wisdom and the knowledge that this new commission brings i think is going to be beneficial to our community. i also would like this commission to make sure that the certificate of preference of persons in the redevelopment agency both in western addition, hunter's point, midmarket, certificate of preference be extended and make sure those people have preference on all development that's coming in. i also served on mayor allioto's commission for the close of the shipment in 1973, commitments made by the navy that guaranteed 50 percent of all work and 35 percent of all contracts go to residents in the bayview hunter's point
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community and i'd like for you guys to look into that. margaret beales was the person working on it at that time and i know still around, maybe you guys can get some of the resources he had during that commission. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. james, thank you for being here. >> good afternoon, madam president and members of the board of supervisors, my name is argon shifferade, i am here for dar sing. i like the way he humanizes relationships with developers and businesses and so on and i really appreciate him. he has always talked to us whether we meet him at commission or other areas. he always ask us how our business, what can we do for you, and that's what we expect from public officials, humanizing
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the relationship. that's a great matter we have and i am really glad you are considering him. we had a long meeting less than, about 6 months ago. and what i know, i told him he was listening to us on the meeting. if we want to change the perpetual underemployment of black people in this community you need to change and come up with a new radical political culture. i hope you will do that and i want to support it. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir, thank you for being here. >> good afternoon, supervisors, madam chair kim, my name is don marcos, director of mission hiring hall and i want to congratulate all the appointees by the mayor to this important commission. first and foremost, the honorable dar
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sing who i have adopted as my community dad. his intelligence and vision is not obvious in what he says but how he assesses things and how he acts on them. he is a kind and very, very conscious man who is community minded. maridol salas, when we celebrated our 40 years her name came up. she was referred by a nonprofit law firm and ignited a fire in her heart and now runs her own firm and has made a lot of contribution in the work force hiring local residents. miss johnson, i am a co-member in the tax credit investment board advisory committee, energetic and driven as she
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looks. miss mondahar, a prohifk, prolific advocate of the community, not just the philipino community but the community as larpk and of course mr. ellington as energetic as he sounded. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, chair kim, supervisor farrell, supervisor avalos, i was on the south of market committee for 10 years, du

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